Oriental dance (belly dancing),
baladi and flamenco in Montreal

Carmen, Flamenco and Oriental dance (Baladi) star in Montreal

Carmen is a Montreal-based Baladi dancer.  Immersed in Oriental dance (Baladi) and Flamenco, she learned from her Andalusian forebears.   She mixes those two dancing traditions to create a subtle style charged with her charisma.  She can interpret in perfect symbiosis Flamenco with passion, strength and character and Baladi with finesse, distinction and elegance.  With enchanting poetry, Carmen seduces and delights thanks to her Andalusian enthusiasm and Oriental grace.  Carmen shares her art of Oriental dance (Baladi) through performances and classes in Quebec and worldwide.  We invite you to discover Carmen, Baladi star, through her website!

Carmen is a Baladi and Flamenco dancer.

Since her youth, Carmen undertakes studies in performance arts, music and dramatic arts.  This elaborate formation provided for this natural born dancer the will to dedicate herself to her true passion: dance.

In 1991, already a young dancer respected and acknowledged due to her performances in Montreal, Carmen decided to go back to her origins.  She travels to Courdou and Jerez de la frontera in Spain.  This pilgrimage enabled Carmen to meet the tenors of Flamenco and propelled her career toward new directions.

But why stop there!?  An accomplished professional, Carmen perfected her style… her science of dancing.

Given her Andalusian origins, her education and career, it was natural for Carmen to excel in flamenco.  But oriental dance (Baladi) was a brand new challenge!

Her curiosity for Oriental culture became a real passion which motivated and inspired Carmen.  She undertook Baladi classes next to the respected names of this art of dancing.

After ten years, Carmen is now one of the best Baladi and Flamenco dancer in Montreal and worldwide.  Her incomparable mastering and comprehension of Oriental dance (Baladi) and Andalusian dance (Flamenco) makes Carmen one of the most respected teachers of those styles.

 Carmen - Danse oriental (baladi) Montréal. Flamenco Montréal. Danse du ventre Montréal. Danseuse

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